Fair Agric Project (FAP)

Fair Agric Project villages, are villages that supply the entire value chain for agriculture which includes supply of inputs, agrochemicals, livestock, fisheries, infrastructure, technology, processing facilities, cooperatives, researchers, credit providers, equipment, marketing, and end user consumption.


FAP encourages experts in various areas of the value chain to collaborate together. Meaning companies can come together to form a consortium for the purposes of FAP villages.

Approval Process for Investors

FAP was created as a project so as to expedite approvals and remove bottlenecks or bureaucracy that potential investors could have in doing business with Government. The approval process is simple, standard and merit based. The two approvals required are the Project Manager (Managing Director ADP) and the Project Sponsor (Executive Governor, Kogi State).

Illustration: Cassava Village (FAP)

For instance in a cassava village you will have the entire value chain of cassava as seen in the image below. 

Cassava Village: Value Chain